580_8_25hours_Hotel_Frankfurt_TheGoldman-Exterior-View 586_8_25hours_Hotel_Frankfurt_TheGoldman-L-Room-2 589_8_25hours_Hotel_Frankfurt_TheGoldman-M-Room-Plus-1 591_8_25hours_Hotel_Frankfurt_TheGoldman-Oost-Bar 593_8_25hours_Hotel_Frankfurt_TheGoldman-Art-Urinal 594_8_25hours_Hotel_Frankfurt_TheGoldman-livingroom-1

The 25hours Hotel Frankfurt The Goldman makes a colourful statement that contrasts sharply with the samey look often favoured by hotels. This hotel in Frankfurt’s Ostend is made up of two parts with contrasting guest rooms. The 49 rooms in the western wing draw their inspiration from local personalities and present Frankfurt as an urban metropolis ruled by fate and a city worth living in. Meanwhile, the 48 hotel rooms in the eastern part of the building were inspired by both the architecture and the philosophy of the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

>97 guest rooms
>meeting space for up to 80 people
>wohnzimmer / living room
>goldman restaurant
>fitness in cooperation with fitness first club
>free of charge wifi
>imac workstation at wohnzimmer / living room
>free mini and bike rental


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